Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Whatever Friday

One of the benefits of scheduling my homemaking duties is that three days a week I get a day off. Well, not a complete day off, but I just have to do the quick, basic jobs and then go on to... whatever!

So far, my whatever today includes:
* (re-) painting the front door black.
* calling my 92-yr-old grandmother in Montana
* sweeping the sidewalk and patio
* looking over my friend Ginger's articles
* sorting out of my Discover bill (or not... bleh)
* and painting my toenails pink. About every five years I buy a bottle of nail polish. I keep thinking I'll like it. It looks so good on everyone else. But after I put it on... ugh... We'll see.

So, today is my "whatever" free Friday. What are you doing today?


  1. Oh, this is perfect! I am having a "Whatever Friday" and now I have a name for it! So far, I've had a second cup of coffee on the back patio...putzed on the computer...did a little ministry stuff and hardboiled eggs. I know, the variety and excitement level overwhelms me too! =] I'm not sure what all I'm doing until I head off to a graduation party this evening, but I know it won't be 'too' fun. As always, my man told me to 'stay out of trouble' while heading out the door for work! Maybe I'll give him a call and ask him for a quick description of what 'trouble' means to him! ;)

  2. Hi, Rebecca! I'm Michelle's cousin =]. Lovely blog! I think the "whatever Friday" was catching yesterday. Blessings!