Monday, June 1, 2009

Do I look fat in this?

Today is laundry day. Now that I'm only doing laundry for two, I wonder how I kept up with it for the whole family!!

One way I've cut back on the amount of laundry I have to do is (And are you ready for this?), I've cut back on the amount of clothes I have! That's right. And it's been hard because there's a lot of cute clothes out there, and I'm always changing sizes. But I've decided that I don't want to spend my life sorting, washing, drying, folding, ironing, and putting away piles and piles of clothes, so I've come up with a plan to get it done quicker. I've started planning my wardrobe, and it works like this:

Each season I need 4 outfits for church and speaking.
Each season I need 4 outfits for errands, meetings, and ballgames.
And each season I need 2 outfits for hanging around the house.

That's it. Ten outfits per season. It not only saves money to plan this way, but it also saves time. Have you ever stood at the closet for thirty minutes or changed clothes six times before deciding what to wear? I have. But now I have just a few choices, and I can make my decision (rather) quickly.

So my question is, what do you think of this plan? And could it work for you?


  1. It's a nice idea, but not for me! I'm a classic sanguine - I took 5 pair of shoes to a 3 day conference and wore them all because I changed clothes in the evening! I have 3 pair of hot pink heels and different outfits for all of them! I think this is a great system for some personalities, but not a "one size fits all" plan. Maybe you need to come up with other laundry plans for the other personality types!

  2. Thanks, Vickie! I definitely agree that some women just LOVE-LOVE-LOVE clothes and shoes. What I'm wondering is this: What if we did with less in order to have more time and money to give to others? Or, what if women who love clothes used that passion to serve, such as planning a thrift-store fashion show for a women's shelter or a fashion show of modest styles for the teenaged girls at church? I didn't mention those reasons for downsizing in my blog. Rather, I was focusing on the subject of laundry, but do those questions stir up any thoughts in you?

  3. I like your idea, Rebecca! I know, I know, you've seen my laundry pile. You've even said," Amy, this is too much laundry". And it is, I know! I hate laundry. But at that point, people had given me clothes for the kids and I can't turn down free, nice clothes for my 4 kiddos. But, now I really don't get hand me downs anymore, so I think we are entering a new laundry era.

    I am learning that less is more, for sure!

  4. I think this is a great idea! I think I am going to try a version of it. I don't really have outfits rather mix and match clothes. I like the points you made in the comment section about having more time to serve. It actually is laundry day around here too. I am getting rid of most winter clothes and adding in summer. I have an "amy" bag and a "Jenessa" bag (my sisters) after Amy's comment maybe she doesn't want my hand-me downs. :) Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Sounds like a great plan! Do you have one for teachers =].

  6. I guess if I were a teacher, I'd try to plan like this each season:

    5 work outfits
    3 casual outfits (errands, meetings, etc)
    3 church outfits (if you go)
    2 hanging around the house outfits

    Do you think that would work?

  7. Thanks for the suggestions (sorry it's taken me so long to get back here...I got sidetracked with life). Church is so laid back that if I showed up in something other than jeans and a t-shirt someone would ask, "Who died?" =]. Love the ideas! Thanks again!