Wednesday, June 17, 2009

White is the new black

Years ago I decided to stock my kitchen with colorful Fiesta Ware. I was always buying assorted dishes because there are some many great dishes out there. I went with the Fiesta Ware hoping it would satisfy my need for variety. Now that about fifteen years have passed and my dishes were getting pretty scratched up, I made a change. To white.

Oooh, the white dishes are so pretty. I bought salad and dinner plates at IKEA and am now adding to the collection with various pieces from Goodwill. Just yesterday I picked up two pristine, clean-lined mugs for .25 each and one bowl. Often I find Crate & Barrel, Pier 1, and Excell (a product made in China that looks great!).

The white is useful for every event and holiday. Last weekend I used the salad plates for my stepdaughter's baby shower. I added yellow and purple decorations, napkins, and flowers, and it was stunning. Soon it will be Independence Day. My white dishes will be beautiful with touches of red and blue added. Yesterday in a magazine I saw two great ideas: (1) attach pre-made frosting stars (with a dab of more frosting) around the border of a platter to make a festive serving piece, and (2) hot glue tiny streamers around the bottom of a pedestaled cake plate.

I love my white dishes. It lets the food and the holiday be the star. Maybe you're more of a "cream" person, but either way, they are cheap and readily available at thrift stores. What fun!


  1. I love the white dishes! I have had my Naturewood by pfaltzgraph(sp?)for 11 years I would feel too guilty getting rid of them. I got two white serving trays at the MOPS gsale so I think I will start with getting white serving pieces (I am in need of some grownup pieces).

    I am glad you didn't leave us :)

  2. Wa-hoo! I'm glad you are back to blogging. I am currently a cream gal. I recently replaced my white dishes after 20 years of good use! It's so much cheaper to change up table cloths and napkins that sets of dishes...and white (or cream) is something that I never tire of! =]

  3. I have creamy dishes: English country side by Mikasa. Love them! My mom actually found me 2 cups/saucers and 2 bowls at a g-sale for $1!! Brand new condition!