Friday, June 5, 2009

Whatever Friday: Don't Ask Me for a Good Recipe

Yesterday on Facebook, my husband's cousin's daughter posted the following on my page: "So since you seem to be really good at food/home stuff, I'm trying to figure out an inexpensive but plentiful recipe... to take to a picnic."


This is the risk I run branding myself as a home organization and time management speaker and writer. I am not really good at food and home stuff. In fact, everything I teach is in response to my frantic attempt to actually carry out this Titus 2 role as the "maker of my home." Naturally, I stink at it and, in some ways, I'm not all that interested.

I teach what I teach for one reason: to get Christian women to stop making their homes an idol. Yes, I said an idol. To stop spending all their time and money shopping and decorating and cleaning, and get on with the more important things: loving God and loving people.

I've learned some things over the years, like how to make a great cheesecake and wrap nice-looking packages, but mostly I've learned that there's nothing like spending time with Jesus. Jesus told Martha that her sister, Mary, had discovered the one thing worth being concerned about, and that it would not be taken away from her. Our housework doesn't last, but the time we spend with Jesus does.

I couldn't give Jayleen a good answer to her recipe question but I couldn't tell her that. Instead, I found one at for Greek Pasta Salad. (Note: I'd substitute Kalamata olive for black and rotini for elbow mac.) But she opted for someone else's cornbread recipe. Humph!


  1. This is what makes you so good at what you do -I love your 'realness'!

  2. I actually thought that when I read her question to you.... Rebecca doesn't DO recipes! :)

  3. But I also meant to say good for you! and I love you! (but I hot post before I knew what was happening!)